Bone Ring Technique


The bone ring technique enables implantation at the same time as vertical and horizontal augmentation and is suitable for almost all indications, including sinus lifts. In contrast to the classic, two-stage block augmentation, the treatment time is reduced by several months and a second surgical intervention is not necessary.
A ring-shaped bone transplant is inserted into a ring bed that has been prepared with a precise fit and fixed by means of immediate implantation. The high success rate of the bone ring technique is due to the excellent contact between the graft and recipient bone.
The use of a bone ring made from processed allogeneic donor bone makes the removal of autologous bone superfluous. This significantly reduces donor site morbidity, operation time and overall costs. The surgical treatment of three-dimensional bone defects is significantly facilitated.
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New Courses 2023

Kassel / Germany:
English Course:  October 13-14, 2023

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Basics oral surgery and implantology

Learn basic surgical techniques in a 1-day intensive course so that you can then apply them in your dental practice. In addition to theoretical parts (surgical preparation, anatomical and surgical-relevant basic knowledge), the focus of the event is on practical applications on jaw models. This includes, among other things, the gentle removal of teeth / wisdom teeth, osteotomies, root tip resections, implantology and soft tissue management. You will become familiar with the most important techniques and receive an update on current treatment strategies.

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Kassel / Germany:
February 11 / 2023

Suture and flap techniques

Short and compact: the introductory course in oral surgery.
The course deals with the correct incision and the appropriate soft tissue closure for dental procedures. Learn from the ground up how to use a needle holder and tweezers, as well as instrumental knots.
Which lobe do I form to the ESC? How do I cover a MAV? Which suture material do I use? What should I watch out for in patients on anticoagulation?
This course provides confidence and is designed to enable the participants to put what they have learned into practice immediately.
Content in detail:

  • Basic sutures
  • appropriate instruments
  • different incisions
  • periosteal slit
  • plastic cover
  • breech of a nasoantral communication
  • Pre- and postoperative management

The focus is on the practical exercises, which are carried out on anatomical models and pig ears.

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